Differential Equations

Ordinary Differential Equations 1.00

Ordinary Differential Equations 1.00: Solves boundary-value problems involving ordinary differential equations differential equations of any order, or systems of such. The conditions may also be linear or nonlinear equations involving the unknown functions and their derivatives. The solution produced is a continuous function in the form of finite power or trigonometric series, depending on the program, of user-specified number of terms valid in the entire defined interval and expanded about a user-chosen center of expansion. Results, including the graph,

Heat Transfer 4.00: Solves Heat Transfer BVP, IVP, IP problems ... has Demo examples.
Heat Transfer 4.00

Solves Heat Transfer BVP, IVP, IP problems. Source code + Output files are included. Calculus (level) Programming makes solving partial differential equations, ordinary differential equations and algebraic equations simple. You state the equations, initial conditions, & parameter values and leave the solving method to the compiler. Equations maybe nonLinear, implicit, any order, any degree and/or constrained.

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PEEI Solver of systems of partial differential equations.

differential equations. This version has the following improvements over the previous ones. Have been improved the GUI, the management of the execution and the execution itself. Was made available the choice between two different methods of resolution of the total system of equations, labeled `normal method` and `other method`. The `normal method` is essentially the same of the previous versions, but have been improved its performance and

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20sim Viewer An advanced  modeling and simulation program for dynamic systems.
20sim Viewer

20-sim is an advanced modeling and simulation package for Windows. With 20-sim you can simulate the behavior of dynamic systems, such as electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems or any combination of these. 20-sim models may use iconic diagrams, bond graphs, block diagrams as well as differential equations. Used in mechatronics, control engineering, robotics, mechanical engineering, hydraulics etc. From the same lab as Tutsim.

energy, bondgraaf, equations, bond graph, modeling, 20 sim, tutsim, physical, animation, iconic diagrams, differential equations, block diagrams, controllab products bv

Kalkulator 2.41: Advanced Sci/Eng calculator, from simple expressions to  differential equations
Kalkulator 2.41

equations). Hard-to-find features: systems of non-linear and differential (ODE) equations, multi-argument function extremum search and point or histogram fitting with an arbitrary function. Most importantly, advanced features don`t obstruct the basic ones. You can use as much of Kalkulator`s capabilities as you need, without being hampered by the program capabilities you do not need. Disk save/restore, Help file and other niceties are also included

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Fortran Calculus Compiler 1.02: Simplifies coding to a math model, constraints, and the objective function
Fortran Calculus Compiler 1.02

Fortran Calculus Compiler: Calculus level computer languages are Fortran Calculus and PROSE. Both languages are based on what is called "Automatic Differentiation" (AD). Calculus languages simplify computer coding to an absolute minimum; i.e., a mathematical model, constraints, and the objective function. Minimizing the amount of code allows the user to concentrate on the science or engineering problem at hand and not on the (numerical) process.

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OpenDDPT 0.3.2: OpenDDPT:founds optimal constrainted parameters of a discrete controls
OpenDDPT 0.3.2

differential equations. Differential equation and systems of differential equations are the natural language trough we can describe any real devices like electronic circuit, automatic controls, elettro-magnetic wave emission or any other engineering problems. The purpose of OpenDDPT project is to build a software that can aids people to build automatically these control devices. The strategy used by this software is based on the concept that differential

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